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Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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Mag sales provides proposal generation and Bid Management software solutions for project-based businesses. Mag sales supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/ subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors, contractors and service providers.
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Sales is not just about immediate revenue through closing orders and winning deals. It's also about future revenue, and that comes from accurate market analysis and wise management decisions.

Your sales tools should help you find answers to the strategic and operational questions your Sales professionals face every day: which products have been selling well? In which industry? to which customer?

Magsoft Sales Intelligence provides an integrated solution for gathering sales information from every touch-point in the enterprise. It provides decision-makers with the detailed analytical tools to identify the most value-added opportunities and enables organizations to tailor product and service offerings to suit different customer types. Through detailed market analyses, MAG Analytics is a strategic tool for organizations focused on enhancing profitability.

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