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Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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Mag sales provides proposal generation and Bid Management software solutions for project-based businesses. Mag sales supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/ subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors, contractors and service providers.
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Partner & Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor Management -- Overview
Distributors, system integrators and Project-based businesses tend to focus their efforts on their core activities, in which they have a significant advantage over others. For other, non-core, requirements, subsuppliers and external experts, specializing in the relevant areas, are frequently used. Therefore, an increasing part of many businesses tends to be handled by subcontractors.

Subcontractor Management -- The Need
The creation of complicated projects usually involve an important content of third-party products and services. For the success of the bid, it is important to establish solid communication channels with the partner, and manage the relationship in order to carry out the proposal development smoothly in a timely manner.

Subcontractor Management -- The Solution
Mag sales is designed from the ground up to efficiently integrate subsupplier and subcontractor information across your organization. e Partner provides a unique environment for managing relationships with your business partners to complete complicated bids within schedule and with minimum cost. e Partner also provides the ability to track/control all purchasing & project statuses for subsuppliers and subcontractors. 

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