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Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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Mag sales provides proposal generation and Bid Management software solutions for project-based businesses. Mag sales supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/ subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors, contractors and service providers.
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Products for the creation of sales solutions in complex environments

Mag sales provides a solid project knowledge backbone for business process management. Our unique solutions for managing the complex requirements of Bids and Proposals add true values to project-based businesses. Regardless of whether you are bidding on small, routine opportunities or large, strategic opportunities, Mag sales helps you capture the information, develop the proposal and deliver the solution.

As a project-driven organization involved in complicated, long sales processes, you face many challenges. Among them, provision of complex solutions, interaction with vendors and subcontractors, intense competition, tight deadlines, and proliferation of new products resulting in still more rapid changes. Mag sales can help you manage these daily realities with business software thatís fully integrated to increase your win rate while significantly reducing Bid & Proposal (B&P) complexity and expenses.†

Mag sales solutions empower organizations with information about opportunities, suppliers & subcontractors, products & professional services, and purchasing practices. Whatever business intelligence you need, our solutions deliver it with speed and efficiency.

Mag sales enables proposal managers and proposal team members to respond more effectively to business opportunities. The architecture of Mag sales provides balanced structures that do not only focus on business processes and relationship management, but also on the creation of sales solutions, which are usually complex and time consuming.

Mag sales delivers rapidly implemented software solutions tailored to your business. Our flexible business automation suite supports the changing business processes of companies worldwide and helps them move into lucrative new markets.

Mag sales enables you to shorten your business cycles and increase your revenue. Mag sales solutions enable you to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase profitability without any extra burden on staff and resources.†

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