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Mag sales provides proposal generation and Bid Management software solutions for project-based businesses. Mag sales supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/ subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors, contractors and service providers.
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MAG e Proposal

FEATURES: Bid & Proposal Management

The capability to assemble proposals and to dynamically update specs and cost data through a powerful configurator dramatically streamlines the proposal process for project-based businesses. Additionally, e Proposal provides many Bid and Proposal Management features:

Knowledge Management -- Enables a collaborative environment for the management and control of information over the complete proposal lifecycle.

Resource Management -- Assists the sales team Leader in managing and directing all proposal efforts and personnel.

Time Management -- Assists the proposal professionals in managing the proposal progress and maintaining the proposal schedule.

Estimate Management -- Simplifies the pricing, configuration, and generation of complicated multiple sections proposals comprising non standard engineering works. Proposal professionals can generate on-the-spot price quotes and proposals that reflect real-time pricing, multiple price books, multiple currencies, calculations for tax, shipping and handling.

Technical Specs Management -- Provides an environment for managing specifications, sales terms and conditions, suppliers & subcontractors offerings and related technical documentation throughout the proposal lifecycle.

Document Management -- Enables the automatic generation of proposal covers, section dividers, table of contents, and other useful supporting documents.

Status Tracking -- Assists the proposal team members in tracking all proposal packages along with their statuses.

Leverage lessons learned -- Referencing previous proposals and pricing history helps you collaborate on current bids.

Reduce product learning curves -- by adapting templates to the skill and comfort level of the user.

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