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Bids and Proposals

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Bid and Tender Management

Mag Bid provides Bid & Tender Management software for Sourcing management, procurement management, bid management and tender management. Mag Bid supports the activities of Sourcing and procurement professionals involved in the tender process management, the development of tender documents and other complex tendering requirements.

Sourcing and Procurement Management

The most effective way to improve supplier performance is by enhancing how products and services are sourced. In project driven industries, materials and equipment sourcing is defined by large projects, with complex multi-line RFQs and many suppliers and subcontractors. Reducing "time to value" is the key factor for sourcing optimization.

Mag Bid is perfectly suited to handle complex sourcing processes including large-scale, multi-line RFQs. Mag Bid software offers your company or government agency easy to use, powerful sourcing and tendering technologies to realize cost savings and increased efficiencies. Mag Bid provides a range of fully integrated Bid and Tender Management tools that enable purchasing and sourcing professionals to be more effective in managing sourcing processes and communicating with trade partners and team members.

Integrating with suppliers is a critical piece of the supply chain puzzle. Throughout the purchasing lifecycle, our Bid and Tender Management solutions provide an environment for requisitions management, knowledge management, document management, response analysis, purchase order management and much more.

Mag Bid software features include

Bid Knowledge Base
Powerful knowledge base that enables purchasing and sourcing professionals to be more effective in managing sourcing and procurement activities.

User Requisitions
Requisitioning module is designed for non-technical users to automate the complete requisitions entry and approval process. Individual user departments can requisition items directly from catalog or in free form mode.

RFx and Bid Packages
RFx Packages and Bid Packages are easily developed. Multiple Packages can be customized to reflect homogeneous line-items targeted to specific groups of suppliers. Users can create a multi-line Request for Quotation (RFQ) to suppliers from existing requisitions, or simply enter the bid items directly from catalog or in free form mode.

Supplier Identification
Mag Bid provides a Unique environment for identifying suppliers of specific products and managing relationships with vendors and service providers. Mag Bid maintains a complete cross-reference of all the vendors that provide each item and all the items that are provided by each vendor. Mag Bid offers a purchase history of every item you bought, in terms of when you bought the item, from whom, what quantity, and how much you paid for it. You can leverage this information while negotiating with existing or new vendors to get the best possible price.

Supplier Invitation
Different RFx and Bid Packages are communicated to different groups of suppliers with email notifications.

Supplier Response
Mag Bid allows supplier online registration. Suppliers provide their detailed profile, including sectors of interest for authentication and approval by the buying organization. Supplier can access and respond to sourcing events, for which they are specifically invited, in real time. They can also search and respond to other public events.

Response Analysis
With Mag Bid, you will be able to view and analyze responses to determine the best bid or proposal. Responses are scored and items are awarded to one or more suppliers.

Bid Award
When you make the bid award, Mag Bid converts the original request for quotation and the successful vendors' bid or proposal information into a purchase order. All purchase order information can be viewed and modified before launching the actual order. You can award items to one vendor or split them between several vendors.

Analysis and Reports
Your data is a valuable resource. Our Bid and Tender Management solutions provide comprehensive analysis tools and reports to help you improve purchasing efficiency.

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