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Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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Mag sales provides proposal generation and Bid Management software solutions for project-based businesses. Mag sales supports the estimating and competitive bid sales process, and complex contract/ subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, product vendors, contractors and service providers.
Bid and Proposal Management software solutions for project-based businesses >>


<< Responding to a complex Request for Proposal (RFP) requires NOT ONLY the administration of the development process, but most important, the configuration and production of the proposal... A true Bid & Proposal solution must deliver both >>

Bid & Proposal Management

If you get frustrated by the amount of time and resources it takes to prepare tender documents, and if you also get frustrated by the results, our Bid and Proposal management solution is the answer for your pains.

Developing winning proposals that reflect RFP requirements and discriminate you from the competition -- With our suite of Bid & Proposal management software, we can dramatically increase your win ratios and slash the time consumed in administrating and creating proposals in your business.

Automation of the Bid and Proposal process
MAG e Proposal streamlines the administration of the Bid and Proposal process in complex environments and dramatically improves resource management, time management, technical expertise management, estimates, quality and effectiveness. MAG e Proposal supports the competitive bid sales process and complex activities associated with tenders & long presales phases. With our Bid and Proposal Management solution, the proposal manager and the team members have more time to focus on the quality of the proposal rather the administration of the process.

Preparation of the proposal package
The creation of persuasive, professional sales proposals is a fundamental part of the Bid Management. With MAG e Proposal you can now develop high quality integrated project proposals and technical specifications comprising standard and non-standard engineering works. To ensure maximum pricing flexibility and accuracy MAG e Proposal supports
vendors and subcontractors offerings, multiple currencies, calculations for tax, shipping and handling costs; everything you need to create estimates and to give the customer a complete picture of the cost for the total solution.

Our software solution provides immediate access to a wealth of information about previous bids and proposals. The proposal professionals can utilize past performance knowledge and collaborate on current bids.

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Sales Automation Solutions

<< Increase your Bid success rate and save hours in preparation time! Perfect for complex competetive government tenders as well as every day simple quotations >>

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