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Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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-driven organizations deal with unique parameters that have great influence on operations;

1. Complex and extensive time required for the creation of professional sales solutions

2. Considerable collaboration with product and service partners

3. Slow business development cycles"


Revolutionary solutions for business processes, sales and procurement management in complex environments


Magsoft introduces revolutionary new concepts in the business-to-business process automation. Our patent pending technology provides solutions for the project oriented business environment and satisfy the needs of buyers, sellers, consultants, solution providers and companies pursuing large commercial and government contracts. 

Magsoft solutions focus on three major areas covering complex sales management, sourcing & procurement management and project knowledge management. For clients in need for a custom development project to get the most of existing Magsoft platform, Magsoft custom development can help you craft on Magsoft solution that is as unique as your business.

Project-driven organizations deal with unique parameters that have great influence on operations:
- Complex and extensive time required for the creation of professional solutions
- Considerable collaboration with product and service partners
- Slow business development cycles

Key Features of Magsoft solutions

Powerful project knowledge base: Magsoft can efficiently serve almost all types of organizations working in business-to-business or relationship-supply environments. Magsoft software solutions are backed with a strong project knowledge base for handling the complex requirements of pursuing large business contracts.

Creating the solutions beside managing the relationships: The architecture of Magsoft systems is optimized for long sales cycles, providing a balanced environment that do not only focus on managing relationships but also on the creation of complex and time consuming solutions. "Magsoft provides project centric solutions leading to customer satisfaction."

Solutions for solution providers: System integrators and packagers offering complex systems would find in our solutions a comprehensive answer for their needs. In addition to general trade organizations; manufacturers of industrial and capital equipment, telecom contractors, electrical and mechanical contractors, specialty trade and service contractors, consultants and professional services organizations would find extremely useful features in Magsoft solutions.

Tight integration with business partners and subcontractors: In project-driven organizations, the creation of complex solutions usually involve a considerable content of third party products and services. Magsoft systems provide a unique environment for managing relationships with business partners and subcontractors.

New dimensions for business intelligence: Long hours are consumed by proposals Engineers and sourcing professionals in preparing complex solutions. The continuous need for reporting projects and proposals information add additional burden and stress. Magsoft reduces considerably the time required for creating the solution. High management reports are automatically generated by the system with almost no additional efforts. Bottom line: our systems satisfy the management, the team members, the customers and the partners.

Project Software Solutions... 
Industry Solutions:

Aerospace & Defense

Manufacturers & Distributors

Contractors & System Integrators

Service Enterprises

Engineering Firms and Consultants

Government & Corporate Owners

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