Bid Management, Purchasing Management and Proposal Tracking Software
Supply chain solutions for project-intensive environments
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Products for managing business processes, sales and procurement in complex environments

Magsoft delivers rapidly implemented project-centric software solutions tailored to your business to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase profitability without any extra burden on staff and resources. Mag sales, Mag Project and Mag Bid systems deliver comprehensive solutions for buyers, suppliers and service providers in complex B2B environments.

Bid and Procurement Management 
Solutions for Buyers and Sourcing Professionals

Mag Bid
Bid and Procurement Solutions for Buyers and Sourcing Professionals
Mag Bid offers your company or government agency powerful purchasing technology to realize cost savings -- In project driven industries, materials and equipment sourcing is defined by large projects, with complex multi-line RFQs and many suppliers and subcontractors. Throughout the purchasing lifecycle, Our Bid and Tender Management solution provides an environment for managing requisitions, bidding information, tender documents, RFQ, supplier responses, purchase orders and much more.
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Bid & Proposal Management 
Solutions for Product Vendors & Service Providers

Mag sales
Bid & Proposal Management Solutions for Vendors and Manufacturers
Mag sales delivers a unified enterprise application suit built for project-driven organizations -- Today customers want immediate information on products, solutions, prices, or the status of their order. Mag sales supports relationship management and provides a solid project knowledge backbone and powerful proposal generation and tracking solutions for managing complex sales processes. Mag sales is designed to support the estimating and competitive bid sales processes, and complex contract/subcontract requirements of industrial system integrators, manufacturers and product vendors. Proposal managers and team members are enabled to respond more effectively to business opportunities. Mag sales solutions empower organizations with information about opportunities, suppliers, subcontractors, products, professional services, and purchasing practices. 
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Mag Project
Bid & Proposal Management Solutions for contractors and Service Providers
Mag Project offers your organization powerful solutions for managing business processes and tracking project information -- Mag Project is a comprehensive business automation solution that supports the broad needs of professionals working in a project oriented business environment. Mag Project allows companies to manage business processes and track projects and proposals information. Mag Project supports project estimating and provides a collaborative environment linking project owners, clients, partners, suppliers, subcontractors and project teams.
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Sales Automation Solutions

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